Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful Finishes

(Note: I am typing this with a Band-Aid on the tip of my finger. I'll edit, but please excuse any typos - it is difficult to type this way!!)

This summer, I did a bunch of "batch-sewing" for Eleanor's back-to-school wardrobe. This is a fast and efficient way to sew, at least for me. I pick a pattern, and cut it out 3 or 4 times in different fabric, and then do the first step for each version, then the 2nd step, and so on. It decreases the amount of time I spend figuring out how the pattern goes together - even if I've sewn it before, and no matter how well-written the pattern is, there's always some amount of time spent reading the instructions and thinking about how the written words and 2-d drawing apply to the 3-d object in my hands. Sewing the same step across 3 or 4 garments cuts down on this time, because even if I have to figure it out the first time, if I do more in quick succession, I remember what I'm doing on the other garments. 

My mother is an extremely capable and accomplished sewist. Especially with children's clothes, I occasionally take shortcuts (unfinished seam allowances, mainly...) but she takes finishing details and elevates them to an art. I asked her if she would sew Eleanor a few oliver + s Music Class blouses, and boy howdy did she. The pattern has some fiddly little details (tiny pintucks, sleeve cuffs, a peter pan collar) and it's absolutely perfect for the attention-to-detail sewist and some beautiful fabric. 

The shirt pictured here is sewn from my *least* favorite fabric of the four that I sent her, and it's easily the most beautiful and lovely piece of clothing in Eleanor's back-to-school clothes from this fall. Look at those pintucks!!

The seams inside are finished with self-bias. 

The collar is hand-finished. 

Look at the french seams on the sides! 

And the shoulders!

Truly, she did a BEAUTIFUL job - I'm blown away by how gorgeous it is. Here, Eleanor is wearing it with a Benetton argyle cardigan (instead of diamonds, it has hearts!!), a grey twirly skirt, and brown leather boots. 


  1. What a beautiful job your mum did! The shirt looks amazing, and Eleanor looks so pleased with it!